Structural health monitoring

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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the process of implementing a damage detection and characterization strategy for engineering structures, in order to maximize safety and minimize maintenance cost. Optical fiber sensing systems are playing an increasingly significant role within this field, due to its immunity to challenging environments, durability and light-weightiness, the lack of requirement of local power and the ability to cover kilometer long distances without signal losses. Optics11 offers a variety of solutions that can perform SHM measurements, such as vibration and acoustic emission monitoring of bridges, crack monitoring on pressure vessels or composite structures such as wind turbine blades, or measuring floating railway trackbeds in tunnels.

Our fully optical Acoustic Emission sensors and accelerometers are based on state-of-the-art technologies and offer all optical advantages without compromising on sensitivity or speed. They are a true alternative for SHM problems where electrical sensors do not offer redemption.

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  • Civil engineering (bridge / dam Monitoring)
  • Composite crack monitoring (COPV)
  • Railway floating trackbed monitoring