Measuring multiple zones in a single fiber optic cable
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The OptimAE is world’s only fiber optic acoustic emission sensing system. Fiber optic sensing systems are by definition highly suitable to measure in extreme environments, like in areas with high voltages, inside ATEX zones, in electro magnetic fields or in liquids.

OptimAE is a modular system that can be configured to a maximum of 16 channels, sampling each channel at 1 MHz. This powerful system will be part of a network, which enables remote accessibility. Using an interferometric measurement principle the sensitivity gets down to femtostrain level while maintaining  a nanometer noise floor. 

The system works seamless with the 6300 AE sensors.


OptimAE rugged housing


Key features

1 MHZ sampling


modular system, up to 24 zones

configuration software

Lan interface, remotely accessible

online data processing

no maintenance, easy to use


ZonaSens is based on optical fiber interferometry and offers a completely new sensor configuration.  Multiple zones in one optical fiber, with lengths of centimeters to meters, can be defined to become extremely sensitive to strain. The beginning and end of a sensing zone are each defined by a Fiber Bragg Grating. To create an interferometry signal between two gratings, a combination of Michelson interferometers is used. A Michelson interferometer uses a single reflection on the transducer side that interferes with a reflection in a reference path. Two linearized interferometers form each sensing zone, resulting in a very high sensitivity and a measurement speed of up to 1 million samples per second. Between the gratings, the sensitive zone can be wrapped around a mandrel to make an acoustic point transducer. The sensitivity is at the femto-strain level, making direct measurement of acoustic vibrations possible. This sensitivity allows for a very small transducer design. Optics11 has a core technology patent for ZonaSens technology.