pressure sensors

Extreme small dimensions while keeping nano sensitivity
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Pressure sensors

Our miniature pressure sensor is based on optical fiber technology and is therefore completely passive and extremely small.

The sensing principle is based on Fabry-Pérot interferometry, which enables the highest sensitivity and smallest dimensions on the market. The diameter is only the size of the fiber, which is 250 micrometer.

Our pressure transducer can detect pressure variations down to the µbar level The current design is matched to medial applications, however these sensors can be used in other applications, like airlfoil measurements . 

Connecting our temperature compensated pressure sensors is possible by using our unique patented readout technology.

Key features

17 Khz measuring


extreme sensitive

temperature balanced


Tiny diameter

Accurate, pre-calibrated and easy to use

No maintenance required


DeltaSens, based on optical fiber interferometry, offers a completely new way of multiplexing  Fabry Pérot type sensors. Fabry-Pérot sensors are the most sensitive optical transducers with the smallest dimensions. With DeltaSens, a high sensitivity sensing network in a challenging environment becomes reality.

All sensors in the network are sampled simultaneously, such that synchronization-sensitive correlation studies can be performed. The signals of each sensor are based on measuring phase information of the sensor cavity sizes; by tracking this phase over multiple interferometric fringes a large dynamic range is achieved.

Using just a single readout to measure multiple MEMS based Fabry-Pérot sensors makes DeltaSens an affordable solution, without compromising on the sensitivity or bandwidth.