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How do I know if Optics11 can provide a solution for me?

Based on your application and needs, different options are possible. You can contact us, and we’ll figure out together the most suitable way to match our solutions with your application.

How can I request a quotation for Optics11 products?

By filling in the form on the product pages or the form on the right side of this page you can request a quotation for a product. A sales engineer will contact you to discuss your needs.

What makes Optics11 products unique?

Using optical interferometry for all our products we have the best sensitivity, the lowest noise level and the highest bandwidth. Combined with our micro manufacturing technologies for the sensors, our sensing solutions are a unique offering on the market.

How does fiber-optical interferometry work?

We use optical glass fibers to guide infrared laser-light through a cavity. This can be an in-fiber cavity or at the top of a fiber. The first reflection is from the first FBG or end of the optical fiber (R1), whereas the second wave gets reflected from the 2nd FBG or mems device (R2). See image below.

When the cavity size (∆x) changes due to external factors, those two reflected waves are shifted in phase. Cavity size changes in the femto-domain are detected.

Can I buy Optics11 products in my country?

Optics11 supplies all products worldwide from our headquarters based in Amsterdam. For certain applications export regulations may apply, please get in touch with us to evaluate your situation.

How can I get more information about Optics11 products?

Get in touch either by email:, phone: +31 20 598 7917  with one of our sales engineers or contact form.

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