Meet optics11

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The Sales Force

Mario Sorgente

Sales Engineer

Pierre Duval

Sales Manager

Nelda Antonovaite

Application Specialist

Tom van der Valk

Sales Assistant

the Team

Niek Rijnveld


Grzegorz Gruca


Hans Brouwer


Davide Iannuzzi


Marijn van der Werf

Marketing Specialist

Thi Qui Nguyen

Financial Assistant, Office Manager

Elias Labordus

Lead Software Engineer

Kyle Juedes

Mechatronics Development Engineer

Ellard Hooiveld

Research Intern

Joost Nieuwenhuis

Labview Developer

Shanthini B.M.

Research Engineer

Kevin Bielawski

Development Engineer

Ramkumar Raghuraman

Research Engineer

Laura van Oosterom

R&D Support

Natan Monvoisin

Research Intern

Ruben Knipscheer

Logistics Analyst

Erik Leeferink

Head of Production

Nikolai Born

Research Assistant

Björn van Amstel

Production Assistant

Michel de Vre

Production Assistant

Cyrille Mooij

Research Assistant

Yorick Spilker

Production Technician

Liquenda van Leeuwen

HR, Recruiter

Rik Prins

Software Development Engineer

Massimiliano Berardi

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher