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Logo & Icon Design

Why logo/icon design?

The best known examples to mankind of the power of a strong logo come from companies like Apple, Nike and McDonalds. If one were to show you these logo’s, no doubt you would immediately recognize them even if the name was left out. The same applies to icons, which we find all over; on the web, at the airports, on posters and even in advertisements on the television. This is the power of recognition, often accomplished by means of simplicity. I will design that logo or icon set for your business that your customers will be able to relate to, thus building a strong and well-recognized brand.

How it works

  1. After agreeing on price and timeframe we discuss the requirements
  2. Based on the required house style I will draft at least 3 different designs
  3. Feedback round on first designs
  4. Improving and combining best design elements
  5. Finalising final icon set or logo
  6. Handover of files

Let's create something amazing together

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