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Promotion Material

Why promotion?

Your market presence does not come automatically; your business will have to work for that. All the designs required for your online marketing, your flyers, your posters or any other medium you prefer, need to represent what your business stands for. Marketing materials can provide a great tool for lead generation, provided they are designed in such a way that they attract customers by being clear, attractive, professional and representative for your business. I will design just that for you and assist you by consulting on which marketing tools might work best for your enterprise.

How it works

  1. Intake meeting in person or over phone/Skype
  2. Based on requirements and features for the template I will send you a quotation
  3. Establishing timeframe and required style
  4. Designing variations of the same promotion material
  5. Several feedback/input rounds
  6. Finalising
  7. Handover designs

Let's create something amazing together

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