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Template Design

Why template design?

In the world of business there is a need for time saving, because time is money. Enabling time saving by good looking, professional and elegant templates has always been one of my specialties. Name it and there is probably a way to create a template for it. Using templates also takes out the error margin, which occurs when your employees consequently use old reports, old invoices or out-dated documents as a reference. With my designs you get professional branding and that enviable feeling even in the smallest details, while saving time.

How it works

  1. Intake meeting in person or over phone/Skype
  2. Based on requirements and features for the template I will send you a quotation
  3. Establishing timeframe and house style
  4. Design of template
  5. Several feedback/input rounds
  6. Delivery template
  7. Handover template designs

Let's create something amazing together

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